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Enter Sandvan!

This was our first test run trip with our newly acquired ‘92 Eurovan Westfalia. We’d purchased this rad little camper van from an older fellow in Vancouver, Imported it, and drove it all the way back home to California to use as a candidate in our Westfalia rental fleet. We only saw it fit that we take it on our annual trip down to Pismo Beach to get a feel, and really test all it’s functionalities. I have to say, I finally see why people love these things.

image by tripsavvy.com

Being a sort of a hidden gem in the world of vacationers and tourists alike, Pismo beach California isn’t always a must see stop in most travelers’ itineraries, but I’m writing this to persuade you otherwise. We’re pretty much regulars to this amazing place every summer. We started out camping near the town of Grover Beach when I was a kid, in small but beautiful little campgrounds filled with trailers. Like many others, we drove down to the beach for the day to have our fun in the sand. Now when I say fun, I’m not talking about your typical sandcastle building, picnicking type of beach day. I’m talking about high octane H1 Hummer rides, ATV, and dune buggy rentals to blast up across the sand and up into the dunes with. Are you starting to see why this place is so unique?

Oh, and the amount of great food in this town is amazing. We stopped in at one of our favorite spots for A-class seafood while we where there; the always packed, Splash Cafe. Our special ordered clam chowder bread bowl with extra prawns on top was absolutely killer!

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As each year went by, we slowly migrated closer and closer to the Beach recreational area itself, until finally we began our ritual of setting up camp right there in the sand. It truly is an experience unlike any other to have sand rails and quads race by all day, and sounds of crashing waves 10 feet from your campsite at night.

It can be hard to find a spot some weekends, let alone one with sand hard-packed enough to drive into. We’re used to having an AWD SUV to pull us around in the loose stuff. Needless to say, a front wheel drive van with 80 horsepower may seem like a bit of a downgrade, but it actually went pretty good on the sand. If you actually do get stuck there however, other regulars down on the sand are always very generous and ready to help with their 4x4 super duty pickups. Somebody will offer to pull you out in less that five minutes, guaranteed. It’s really astonishing to see this level of generosity. Every time we camp here, we make new friends. That alone is worth coming back for.…The beautiful sunsets help too.

Now I know what you might be thinking… Yes, it’s still a fairly old vehicle, how can it still be reliable? Let me tell you, the 5 cylinder motor runs just as strong, if not stronger than in any new Volkswagen I’ve ever driven. On top of all that, we’ve never seen another one with this sweet Indian red factory paint, and extra cool brushed steel face rims. We can’t wait to take it on another awesome trip, and we think our customers will absolutely adore taking trips with this van in the future.

The van itself really made the entire trip a breeze. Everything we could have ever possibly needed was right there for us; all our cooking materials, an arctic shelf status cooler, two surprisingly roomy beds, electricity, awning, fold out table, plenty of storage space, and so much more. Just like the older Westfalia’s we’ve used over the years, but just slightly more 'polished’ and refined. This little rascal certainly enjoyed it too, we could hardly get him outside of the van the whole trip!

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