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Santa Cruzin' In the Nineties

While we have older vans that better suit the the term ‘vintage’ sometimes a vacation back in the nineties is all you need. What better place to go to than Santa Cruz California? Birthplace of Downhill mountain biking, home of surf town Capitola, Skate shops on every street, and the location of the famous redwood forests? We started our trip by taking a drive along the coastal roads of Santa Cruz County after driving through Moss Landing up the Highway One. There’s just so much to see along the beachfront. If any town can be known for it’s unique character, it’s this one.

One of the few canals that leads down to the beach. You can catch a couple of stand up surfers and canoes having a float on down from time to time through here under the old train bridge.

A must see stop is the end of the coast road in Capitola. You can park here next to all the beat up surf wagons that belong to the locals, and take a look out over the cliffs to watch the surfers catch some waves. Today was pretty tame, sometimes theres a few size able waves to catch, maybe even a curl or two.

You just can’t go wrong with fish tacos, and a crazy, nutty, cold brew bottled coffee that’ll quite literally knock your socks off. There’s always some great street vendors, food trucks, and a plethora of local unique beverages around here to grab for a snack while you watch the surfers do their thing.

While we where parked on the main street of downtown, we made a stop to one of our favorite music stores; Streetlight Records, to pick up some appropriately themed music for our nostalgic 90′s road trip. I’m sure some of you’ll remember these.

We caught the bug ourselves after watching for a while… Surf’s up!

We’re not addicts we swear! Santa Cruz just so happens to be absolutely chucked full of some of the best coffee shops and cafés you could ever hope to find. These cold micro brewed iced coffees we have here where from a new place called ‘Verve’. When you walk in the door, you can instantly see their space age custom built Swedish coffee machines; totally bananas.

On our way out of town we spotted a twin! We thought we might’ve had just about the only red Eurovan left! But then we spotted this little guy parked on a cool forested back road.

All in all, this was my personal favorite trip with the new Eurovan CV so far, even if it was the shortest. Santa Cruz California and all it had to offer for our weekend there couldn’t have been any better, and neither could the van. The laid back nature of the locals and their grassroots landed us with a ton of compliments. So many people loved it!

Thanks for reading!