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We're Ore - gone!

The little red Eurovan that could once again takes us on an adventure all the way from California to the beautiful forest covered, state park ridden state of Oregon. Specifically to the Oregon dunes and the quirky little old town of North Bend.

The town had such a cool sign to welcome visitors. Was a tad eerie, but who doesn't love neon signs? They're very much a common sight among small towns along highway one.

On the trip out of California, we had to drive the Eurovan through the huge fire that had terrorized most of the northern tip of the state. The air was full of ashes and caused a sweltered 100+ degree environment. Oh well! Nothing open windows and cold drinks from the fridge can't fix! The effect the ashen sky gave off made for a great vintage 90's-esque gas station stop picture.

We camped out at a nice big site near the Oregon dunes. Scored a nice little corner by the trees and set up shop. Very cozy!

Our plans for day one where to rent some ATV's and explore the dunes. Never had we seen anything so bizarre and beautiful all at once. Like Pismo beach in California, Oregon's dunes are a state recreation area, but what makes this place so unique are the sprawling forests and patches of water, trees, and vegetation all over the place. Needless to say, It was such a blast shredding trails and open sand.

Day two was a drive a little further down the coast to visit a few local state beaches and parks. Oregon's coast has a very volcanic history, making for some totally jaw dropping sights.

One last local gas station stop next to the local saw mill in North Bend, and we were on our way back to drop the van off at it's home back in northern California. Another long trip and the Eurovan preformed flawlessly without a streak or hint of trouble. Overall it was a very interesting trip, with so much beauty to see. Tourists often say California is the most pretty state they've seen, but in all fairness Oregon was truly unmatched. And what better way to see it all than in a Westfalia?

Till next time!

Happy travels