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Like a Sur

A new trip, a new (old) Westfalia, and the best coastline the planet has to offer; enter our backyard, Big Sur. As the closest Westfalia rental company to this iconic sightseeing and camping destination, we know this place like the backs of our hands. This trip and photos are all courtesy of some wonderful renters of ours.

As you can see, Big Sur is no exception to wicked cool drifting fog lines, even on a sunny day.

We get stuff like this regularly all the way up from Santa Cruz, through Carmel, down to Hurst Castle. You'll recognize it in tons of paintings and photographs taken in Big Sur.

There really is no shortage of beauty of ANY kind here. While the coast is always jaw-dropping. it's imperative not to overlook the adjacent hills, creeks, and forests. Here you can see the Vanagon set up for the day while they hung out, hiked, and picnicked before heading to their campsite. It helps to be super mobile!

Here they are, set up under on of the many beautiful bridges of Big Sur, in a peaceful little valley. Campsites here are really something special. With so many terrain differences, it's like you get a choice of forestry, beach, and rocky cliff side. Sometimes all three!

You can see the Westy humbly parked there, we have a ton of brand new GoWesty parts on this van, one of which being the hemp tent material. It's really thick and breathable, and the net provides great shade, helping keep the top bunk cool. These customers had kids along for the ride, and mentioned they could hardly get them down from their little "fort".

We're very excited to see this fully restored and rebuilt Westfalia making it's rounds doing what it was made to do again. It just looks so good out in the wild, and fits the Big Sur persona to a tee.

"It was such a beautiful experience!" -Customer