The Base Package

We Include Just About Everything You'll Need to Have a Great Rental Experience in Our Camper Vans.

  • A mechanical & safety check up on your Westfalia before you take it out on the road

  • Refrigerator to keep things cold, built into the van

  • Standard folding bench/bed for 2

  • Interior lights

  • Disposable Items like paper towels, trash bags, etc.

  • One coffee maker

  • Dishes, bowls, cups, eating utensils for 4.

  • A full roster of cooking utensils to get your gourmet on

  • An extendable awning for shade

  • Cleaning necessities; cloths/sponges/soap

  • Matches, lighters

  • Foldable camp chair for each member of your group

  • First aid kit

  • A cooking stove is included, built into the van

  • Sleeping Bags: We offer a package that includes towels, sleeping bags, and pillows for up to 4 members of your party. This package is $125/week for 1-4 people with an extra $25 for each additional person.

  • Large Tent: If you're traveling with more than 4 people, we can include a tent that sleeps 4 people. $95/rental period.

  • Bike Rack: Each bicycle rack holds 2 or 4 bikes, and is $75/rental period

  • Hibachi BBQ for outside cooking, $25/trip